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You Get What You Google


If you’ve been feeding the Google machine for many a year, you may have realized that in return for your diligence, it does an excellent job of reciprocating. Your results are tailored to your history and your profile.

This exchange is known as the “filter bubble.”  It can be a very comfortable place to hangout if it sneaks up on you. Many people love how Google always gives them exactly what they wanted to find.

However, I WANT to search out-of-bounds and to see a lot more of the content that Google didn’t filter out on my behalf.

Google searches are also tailored to their own benefit. Google is the largest advertising business in the world, so they stand to profit from the selective results.

Therefore, I am also concerned on how filter bubbles impacts other businesses, industries, relationships and decision-making. If our research efforts online always result in skewed, deliberate or incomplete information – or just mirrored returns based upon your previous searches and your profile – then we aren’t really learning anything new.

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Thank you for reading. 🙂