Still using my Filofax mini :)


Ok, so I don’t post very often (hardly ever!). Although I have had a wonderful last few years! I’ve moved out of state – twice – once up to amazing Alaska and then all the way to nearly-Florida. For the move down, it was a glorious, summertime road trip in a 1993 motorhome through Alaska and Canada and then across the US visiting family and friends along the way. The reason for the moves is the best news of all – I married the most amazing guy I’ve ever known and he was one of my best friends for many years before!

During all of this time, my beloved mini has been onboard.

The last time I posted about planners, I was using a personal size for my daily use in a combination of some work I was doing from home and my own personal stuff. It was worth a try, and the system worked fine, although it didn’t last long because I’ve never liked seeing any work stuff blended with my personal stuff! Even now, I still have a beautiful personal-size Siena that holds a lot of things that I don’t need as a daily planner but more like a reference book for some stuff.

One of the nicest things about my beloved mini is how every time I see it or pick it up I am delighted. I think  this is in part because it’s dedicated to being a personal book rather than a work book.

I’ve got a few minis that I can use to rotate between, or as a place to store any archive pages, etc. It is hard to believe Filofax has stopped making these joyous little planners. Thankfully, they can still be found through other means although not as readily.

Even though the mini pages are very, very small, I am consistently amazed how much a sheet can contain. Mini pages may not be suited to lengthy note-taking, yet they can hold a good bit of information!

Anyway, I love reading or hearing how others use their minis as planners. I’ve got plans, calendars, to-do lists, ideas, and important (select) contact info in mine, along with a mess of assorted stickies, papers, receipts, stamps and some sentimental sparkly bits!

Thank you for reading! : )


and I love my NEW Blackberry!


I am the worst blogger ever – one reason is because I don’t blog on a frequent basis. Let me assure you that I am blogging in my mind. Really, I am.

So, as you know (you’ve been reading along), I’m still a loyal Blackberry fan. Yes, I have used other phones over the past few years but Blackberry still has my heart. Just recently, I set aside my formerly beloved Bold 9930 and got a shiny new Z10. For those of you who don’t know the difference, Blackberry came out with its brand new OS earlier this year, Blackberry 10. Unlike previous versions of Blackberry phones over the many years, the new OS is not compatible with the older Berry phones (now called legacy devices) in any way whatsoever. It’s a whole new enchilada. And it was exactly what I needed because for some reason I am hardwired to know everything about about every mobile OS.

I have always enjoyed learning a new mobile OS and there has been nothing really new lately. A few new BB 10 devices came out this year, so the Z10 is now old news. But my Z10 is new to me and I’m so excited to learn this new goodness.

For the record – I surprised myself because I was certain I was going to get the Q10, which has a fantastic physical keyboard, much like the famed Bold 9900 series. But so many people raved about what an incredible job they did with this Blackberry virtual keyboard – how it learns your typing input – I had to try it for myself. I ended up getting the Z10 instead so I could learn it. I decided I could always get the keyboard later if I wish (or wait for the rumored upcoming slider which sounds amazing as well).

I am so happy with my beautiful new-to-me Z10. It syncs beautifully with my ‘Microsoft mail’ (they’ve changed the name a million times, but that would be Hotmail, Live and mail) including calendars and contacts and tasks. That’s right – as it should be. It also syncs perfectly with everything on an Exchange server via ActiveSync.  I could go on and on.  I look forward to writing about it as I continue to to uncover its new and awesome features.

In the meantime, be assured that just like the old Blackberry phones, it still has that beautiful, blinking red light.

my BB 10 Z10

When my life changes, I change my Filofax with it! (Balmoral)


Recently, I was working a full-time job outside of my home. With that, I was running a few different Filos – a mini as my main life/me book (can read about that here), a work Filo for the office only, and another at home for projects and ideas and other creative endeavors attempts.

I have left my full-time job and now my life is, well, all mine again. Including my work, which I am now working on my own. I have decided that to best suit my new arrangements, I am moving back into the Personal size Filofax to have my personal life and work stuff all in one book. Even though I’m selling lots of my Filos right now, I am keeping the ones to which I’m truly attached. Maybe one day I can be more minimalistic when it comes to my Filos but there is something about these beauties I have that makes me keep them.

There was a time when I would get rid of a Filo when I got a new one. But I know myself well enough that I will want to change them up as needed based on my life’s needs, or that ocd-season-texture-color issue of  mine I’ve mentioned before… (eye-roll). So I’ve found that my best move is to keep a few of my favorite-favorites.

That said, I return to the original point of moving into the Personal size. I have decided that among my few favorite-favorite Personal size, I’m going to use my caramel-tan-colored Balmoral. He is just about what I consider the perfect binder. Typically, I actually like plain, smooth leather, but other than that, this guy has a great format. I love the 2 pen loops. I also love the regular card slots on the front inside. Just the classic sideways ones – I don’t know why lots of the newer models have the vertical card pockets  instead but they must work best for most folks since they seem to be the trend. Any-who, the guy is a tank. I don’t know how many years old he is (I got him already used) but he still looks new. I don’t think this model has been in production for at least 10 years. A long time ago, I had a Filofax catalog with this model in it, and I remember they were quite spendy!

I’m still settling on format – I’m pretty sure I’m going to stick with my favorite which is 2 Days on a Page, but right now I’m just hand-writing the dates on some blank pages instead of ordering a full set.  I think I will continue to do this and save some cash.  When I get all settled in, I can do another post. In the meantime, here’s a cover shot at least : )

personal size balmoral

my personal size balmoral

balmoral inside cover

balmoral inside cover

Please be assured the tiny black book mini will remain in my purse for notes on the go and stamps and receipts and all that good stuff. He is still very essential to the plan even without the calendar and to-do sheets.

The at-home projects book will stay as is for now. That’s my older A5 Sandhurst – he really deserves his own post. Those big ol’ pages and rambling notes don’t belong in my Personal book and there is no reason to combine them into one. Really!

Thank you for reading : )

I love my BlackBerry (still!!)


I returned to using a BlackBerry over a year ago.

I was a dedicated BlackBerry user for 5+ years and then one day moved to the Android platform,  then a few years ago I was also issued a company iPhone. So, I have used them all and I still love the BlackBerry.

Despite the lack of popular apps, the BlackBerry causes me far less stress. Why? Because:

– I can hammer out anything on that keyboard, even while walking down the hall I can easily keep typing.

– I love the blinking light alerting me of new messages, texts or missed calls.

– I love the native alarm and calendar reminders and the ability to snooze a reminder.

– The clarity of the screen in the outdoors

– all the shortcuts when weeding through menu options, you can just press the first letter of the menu item and fly through the options

– phone can turn itself off at night and back on in the morning

– every option you can think of is in there – cool stuff like adding notes to phone calls, setting up conference call options, and the organizer apps really match up well to Outlook if you are syncing with that.

Anyway, the whole BlackBerry experience is so much less stressful to me. As many say, they’re tools, not toys, and I heart BlackBerry phones!! I proudly use it when everyone else is using their newer touchscreen phones and usually someone else gets all misty-eyed and claims to miss their BlackBerry.

Here is my current model, and it has the most amazing keyboard since the classic 7230 came out!! It also has a touch-screen. I use the BlackBerry Bold 9930 on Verizon prepaid/no-contract service.

my BlackBerry!

my BlackBerry!

Have a beautiful day, and thanks for reading! : )

My tiny black book (my massive mini Filofax)


Sometimes this little mini can get messy but it sure does work hard.

Currently, I’m running a mini Bloomsbury in black, and I have to say it’s an amazing planner. It’s a very soft leather and it lays flat. One quality I think I gravitate toward in the Filofax appreciation is the softer, more flexible (or even floppy binders – such as the Kensington).



Any-who, here is what currently lives in my mini..

Front: clear plastic pocket window. For some reason, the only ones I can find for the mini are the side-opening type, which means you have to remove it from the rings to put any bits in here. So, I sliced an (uneven) opening along the top. The goal was, of course, to be a perfectly straight slice but I have never been able to cut anything straight, so you can tell this binder is mine already from page one. The bits contained here include the standard fare: some stamps, some calling cards with my name, any thing attractive or cute that suits my fancy and is fun to look at. Sometimes I will affix a sticky note to the top with a reminder or something (the current sticky is a nice phrase I saw somewhere recently).

mini inside front cover

mini inside front cover


Next up, behind a clear plastic cover sheet is the monthly calendars for the year, which I explained recently in this post. One full year of months stays in the mini full-time. Instead of a page marker/ruler here, I just divide the pages with a colorful paperclip by clipping it over the months already past.

mini monthly feb 2013

mini monthly feb 2013


Weekly sheets follow behind the monthly sheets. I only keep about 4-6 weeks of weeklies in there at a time, because the monthlies serves as my forward planning. The weeklies for days past get pulled out regularly, and go into a journal Filofax (you guessed it, another post coming!). I slip a yellow, lined note sheet in the middle of the current week and write down all those little things that need to be done now-ish and if the don’t all get done, I simply move it to the next week and keep writing on it. From time-to-time, there is more than one yellow sheet inside of a week, and while there is little chance they will all get done in that week, they are on my mind right now so they stay here until done or not so pressing anymore. My ‘today” marker is the brown one. I write grocery shopping or drug store lists onto tiny sticky notes and then tack them onto that today ruler and when I hit the store, I just take the sticky note out to take around the shop with me.

mini weekly

mini weekly

a past week - yellow sheet already moved to current week

a past week – yellow sheet already moved to current week


After the weeklies, I have a blank tab (right now since I know what’s behind the tabs  I don’t label them), and behind this tab is, well, a lot. I list out what bills I have for the month and check those off as I pay them. Then there are 12 pages of to-do’s and ideas of things I want to figure out, notes of what I’d like to blog, things my family and friends might like, etc.

Next section (another blank tab), is where I record my inspirational thoughts, things that matter to me, creative thoughts, stuff like that. A happy place. This drawing was attached to the store tag on a pair of handmade knit gloves I purchased a few years ago. It makes a nice first sheet in this section of my mini.


mini inspiration and creativity

mini inspiration and creativity


Finally, the last (blank) tab is the info section. A few phone numbers here are written down even though they may be in my phone. Phones can be lost, batteries can die, other people talking on your phone, or when you are talking on your phone it makes it more difficult to access important numbers. So I have one page of places like car repair place, some doctors, and a few other key numbers, then a page of just my immediate family’s numbers and one of closest friends.This section also contains a few notes of things I might need when out of the house: my HVAC filter size, my account numbers and telephone numbers for my bank. Stuff like that.

I also like to use another plastic pocket with a few snaps of family or friends.

The final section is not present on all Filofax models. It’s the “wallet” pocket that, when you open the Filofax, creates a full-length wallet opening on the back. I only use pocket and mini Filofaxes with the wallet pocket as I’ve grown to rely on this section.  This is where I will put a receipt for an item that needs to go back to the store, some more snaps of loved ones, or anything else that seems right.I also keep a mini binder clip anchored there in case I need it for something.


mini top view of wallet pocket

That pretty much sums it up! Thank you for reading : )

How I migrated to my mini (filofax)


Through the years, I’ve used all the Filofax sizes (well, almost – I tend to forget about the A4 and the M2 which I’ve never seen, much less used). I go with the flow of my life and use what works at a certain time. I have always had a mini or a pocket size in my purse even if they weren’t serving as the main planner at that time.

Up until last summer, I was using a personal size as my main planner for about 2 steady years. Then with a few adjustments in my life, I felt it was time to migrate to a pocket for daily use and to have my planner with me at all times in my purse (the personal size stayed at home most often). I used the pocket for a short while as my main planner, and then realized that for the amount I was actually writing per page in the pocket size, I could actually get by with the mini. I loved this idea because even with the pocket size, when I would occasionally use a tiny purse for going out somewhere I would usually leave the pocket at home (too large) and pop a mini in my tiny purse so that I would have pen and paper with me. Migrating to the mini full-time would immediately allow me to always have my planner with me.

So, I switched happily to the mini and it’s been going very well for over half a year now. I have a few I rotate between depending upon my mood or seasons, etc. A few times in these months, I thought I might need the larger pocket size and made plans to swap up, but each time I’ve returned to my senses and stayed with the mini.

The pocket size is really large to me now. And the personal size is a behemoth. I’ve also shifted down down from an A5 at work to a personal size. The reason for this is I’ve become very aware of the sheets on which I write. I adore the A5 page size, as well as the pocket page size, but the bottom line is I realized that I wasn’t filling up those page sizes consistently. So I figured it would be efficient and comfortable for me to use a smaller page size and of course if I start to overflow those I would simply up-size again.

Mini pages are soooo tiny but I am able to make very full lists and notes on them. I have a few minis that are in use right now, more on that in another post.

Thank you for reading : )


my mini – jan 2013❤

What is my problem?


I see photographs of someone else’s Filofax they have been using for 5, 10, 15 or 20 years. Just that one. One Filofax. For all those years. Check it, this gorgeous hunk o’ Filofax of 24 years

I have used so many since I began. I admit with no hesitation that I like to have a few to rotate between in whatever sizes I am currently using. But I have used so many models and sizes. Therefore, I have multiples of each size!! To clarify, the only sizes I have never owned or used would be the M2 and the A4.

Like so many others, I started with the Personal size. Then one day, I saw the value to split up my heavy stuff into an A5 and take a matching Pocket version everywhere with me to bring only what I needed on the go. Easy enough. I probably need not go on into detail about the many journeys from there because we all have our own versions of this story. But the bottom line is, I love using a Filofax and I do not want to carry my office work with me everywhere I go, nor do I want my personal stuff in my office Filofax. So I am always going to be a one-life-many-Filofax kind-of-gal.

So back to the topic of this post, what is my problem? Knowing that I do need multiple binders, why can’t I just have one of each duty. Why must I have more than one Personal, Mini, Pocket, A5? Sigh.

It’s a mood thing, I guess. I get very fixed on a particular texture or look at certain times. And unfortunately, when this feeling sets in, if I’m looking at the incorrect model, I just cannot work with it.

I have invested enough time and care into collecting the best possible Filos for my needs and taste. So for now, I am housing more than one person really needs.

I have committed to finding a new and loving home for a few of them. Over the next few days (or weeks!), I will seriously evaluate if others can also have new homes. They all deserve this love and care!

If I find that someone is specifically seeking any of mine which are not in use, I will happily discuss terms.

A few I am considering to offer up (most made back in the day… very nice quality):

Personal Balmoral in a creamy shade of tan (no longer in production). These rarely show up on ebay or anywhere else for that matter and they were very expensive when in production.

A5 Topaz in brown (no longer in production).

A5 Sienna in espresso – which is a dark brown. No longer in production.

Mini Capri in blue (no longer in production). Adorable with a wrist strap!

Mini Piccadilly in blue (no longer in production).

Mini Classic (formerly named Cross) in light blue. No longer in production.

Pocket Chameleon in aqua. Brand new and unused.

So, I’m thinking aloud here before posting any of these on ebay. They are all so beautiful but it’s only fair to consider moving them on to new caring homes since one can truly only use so many at once.